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UltraSoft System Puts Basepoint Back in Control
By A Baker, Marketing @ UltraSoft.Tech 11 Years Ago

Is your workflow hindered by your existing system? Does it inadvertently encourage errors within your team? Delve into Basepoint’s case study to discover their strategies to overcome these challenges

UltraSoft System provides i2 Office with the functionality and flexibility to continue expanding
By A Baker, Marketing @ UltraSoft.Tech 11 Years Ago

UltraSoftBIS has empowered i2 Office to efficiently handle sales, client services and billing, leading to significant operational and cost advantages.

UltraSoft Umbrella Solution Drives Cost-Efficiency and Rapid Scalable Growth for Regus
By A Baker, Marketing @ UltraSoft.Tech 18 Years Ago

UltraSoft’s infrastructure, leveraging Borland (now Embarcadero) technology, has enabled the creation of a cost-effective, efficient, and scalable system that supports Regus (IWG)'s rapid expansion

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