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UltraSoft Umbrella Solution Drives Cost-Efficiency and Rapid Scalable Growth for Regus
By A Baker, Marketing @ UltraSoft.Tech   Published on June 16, 2006

UltraSoft Umbrella Solution Drives Cost-Efficiency and Rapid Scalable Growth for Regus

- a Case Study by Borland, published in 2006.

“Our business plan depends on keeping total cost of ownership low, so the umbrella solution proposed by UltraSoft would not only make management more efficient, but also remove many of the costs of the original distributed model. It has actually exceeded expectations in all of these areas; for example, by linking our forward order book with marketing systems, e can ensure that we’re not spending money on promoting our product when we’re booked up for the foreseeable future,” said Rudy Lobo, Managing Director, Regus



UltraSoft was faced with a challenge: to tender for a contract with Regus, an operator of business centers, comprising 500 sites in 52 countries. While the project was complex, UltraSoft’s approach to the tender was straightforward. CEO Harun Biswas explains, “The challenge was simple—to not only show but also actually prove that our solutions were better than the available alternatives and would deliver real cost savings.”
Using Borland technology, UltraSoft was able to design, develop and deploy the entire integrated solution over 500 sites across the globe within six months.
The UltraSoft solution was perfected on a test platform at Regus, then tailored and rolled out to all sites. This ensured consistency of process and workflow, while giving management teams the ability to gain a comprehensive overview of how their business was operating.
UltraSoft was able to deliver huge cost and time savings to Regus, as well as deploying a very cost-effective solution. The benefits were tangible. Over three years, the solution saved our customer £3.2 million and cut 350 man-days from UltraSoft’s development time.
UltraSoft Technologies, founded 1998, delivers integrated business systems to handle customer contact processes, comprising customer relationship management (CRM), products and service management, reservations, batch billing, and business process automation. Companies such as Lorien plc and Regus are among its customer base.
As a smaller player competing against larger, more established competitors, UltraSoft has nevertheless won a number of large contracts. It has achieved this by demonstrating speed, quality, and return on investment (ROI). These advantages are delivered through a combination of business skills and technical expertise, turning leading business applications into a fully integrated solution.
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