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UltraSoft gave us the opportunity to automate our business flow in an efficient and flexible way. UltraSoft is very easy to work with. No complicated systems where you lose yourself in.

UltraSoft has been the ideal transition for Officenter about 2 years ago. Very satisfied because like Officenter, UltraSoft considers customer satisfaction very important!

Christa Jouck, Algemeen directeur, Gedelegeerd bestuurder

Real-time reporting from UltraSoftBIS across all elements of our business allows us better insight to move rapidly in line with customer and market trends, and keep our finger on the pulse on the day-to-day operations.

Jayson Jenkins, Director of Group Reporting & Accounting

Our business demanded a platform that can deliver for us now and which is scalable enough to cope with our future plans. UltraSoft have met those requirements and were very conducive to development change requests.

From a technical perspective we needed a system that could streamline internal processes with rapid operating speed. It was crucial that during this process we gave a seamless transition to our clients and ensured internal business continuity.

Graham Hefferman, IT & Communications Director

The information we now get from UltraSoft is accurate and provides us with a solution that works how we want it to. With great dialogue between ourselves and the team at UltraSoft, we feel they listened to our issues and developed a product that fits our business process.

Richard Johnson, Managing Director, UBCUK

An 80% decrease in time and costs for the billing process, and further substantial savings from training costs. The billing run used to take me two days. Now it takes two hours.

Olly Olsen, Director, The Office Group

Our team found UltraSoft very user friendly and the simple operations of adding charges, running occupancy reports and managing the debt and billing, were very easy. The billing is more efficient and takes no time at all.

The reports and information we are now able to get from UltraSoft allow us to respond to our business changes quickly.

Corina Degani & Matthew Davies, Directors, The Space

When we needed a new customer management and billing system, we compared our requirements to what was available on the market, and UltraSoftBIS came out on top.

The UltraSoftBIS system was very quick and simple to implement, and the training giving was excellent. Customer support is superb too!

Jason Bamford, Head of Accounts & IT, Airport House

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