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UltraSoft Brings Automation and Customer Satisfaction to Officenter
By A Baker, Marketing @ UltraSoft.Tech   Published on April 24, 2022


“UltraSoft gave us the opportunity to automate our business flow in an efficient and flexible way. UltraSoft is very easy to work with. No complicated systems where you lose yourself in. UltraSoft has been the ideal transition for Officenter about 2 years ago. Very satisfied because like Officenter, UltraSoft considers customer satisfaction very important!”


Christa Jouck
Algemeen directeur, Gedelegeerd bestuurder


About Officenter

Officenter has been creating workplaces since 2010. Fourteen branches later, our eyes are still sharp and our noses are pointing in the same direction. Whether it concerns our customers, employees, investors or suppliers, every stakeholder of our Officenter family is like an indispensable link. Together we are sailing a strong course. Will you get on board?


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