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Serving the Flexible Workspace Industry for Over a Quarter of a Century
By A Baker, Marketing @ UltraSoft.Tech   Published on April 22, 2023

This year UltraSoft Technologies celebrates its 25th anniversary as a leading provider of software solutions for the flexible workplace, serviced office and managed workspace industry.

Looking back on his journey as the company’s Founder and CEO, Harun Biswas did not know that he would become a trail blazer in system solutions for the serviced office sector.

When he started working for Regus in 1994, he quickly became their Global IT System Architect. With no system tailored especially for business centres and having to make do with systems developed for the hotel industry, he quickly recognised the need for designing an integrated software system for business centre operators.

Taking advantage of this gap in the market, Harun developed his own software (“UltraBIS”) and founded UltraSoft Technologies Ltd in 1998.

Regus became UltraSoft’s first ever customer and, with the help of UltraBIS, Regus expanded its business effortlessly from 50 to 500 centres worldwide in a couple of years’ time.

Further versions of the software (“UltraSoftBIS”) were released and the UltraSoftBIS product quickly attracted the attention of other big players in the serviced office industry such as The Office Group, MWB and Avanta, and later BasePoint, i2 (Landmark plc), UBC and BE Offices.

Working in close cooperation with such operators, as their business needs became ever bigger and technology driven, UltraSoft Technologies added and seamlessly integrated CRM and Licence Agreement modules to the core billing system.

As the technology progressed further, so did the needs of the operators and their customers. UltraSoft continued to innovate and created a hybrid solution, part on-premises, part Cloud, by developing a client web portal that enabled smooth communication between operators and their customers. Allowing customers to book meeting rooms, view contractual products and services, download copy invoices and raise customer care tickets amongst other things, enormously reduced the operators’ time serving customers and tangibly improved customer satisfaction.

From then on, UltraSoft has helped its customers to automate and streamline their business process and create the perfect business intelligent system solution.

In the era of Cloud computing and Machine Learning, UltraSoft quickly jumped on the bandwagon and created a state of the art, fully Cloud based solution: highly secure, blazing fast and super accurate. Companies worldwide like Beaumont, The Boutique Workplace Company, The Office, Officenter, Sentinel BC, etc. quickly recognised the advantage of such a system to reduce IT costs to zero and promote growth.

Now, uniquely placed in the industry, UltraSoft offers their customers system solutions “on tap”; be it on-premises, hybrid or fully cloud based, UltraSoft caters for all. This allows the operators to opt for a solution most suited to their needs rather than having to bend their procedures to fit into a system.

UltraSoft thrives on innovation and simplification of business processes. At UltraSoft, we are and always will be customer driven; We place the customers’ requirements first and never hesitate to put in the investment and hard work necessary to achieve our customers’ goal; this will always be at the core of UltraSoft.” Harun Biswas, Founder and CEO, UltraSoft Technologies.

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